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What is the Regenokine® Program? 

The RegenokineŽ Program is a treatment program used for treating osteoarthritis and back pain.

Who created the RegenokineŽ Program?

The RegenokineŽ Program was created by Dr. Peter Wehling, a world-renowned molecular cell orthopedist from Germany.  NY Spine Medicine is the first facility in the eastern United States to pioneer the RegenokineŽ Program for spine and joint treatments, and the first facility offering this revolutionary treatment in the eastern United States.


What does the RegenokineŽ Program treat? 

The RegenokineŽ Program is used in treating virtually all joints, spinal elements, ligaments, muscles and tendons. It is used to treat arthritic joints, including toes and fingers, ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, wrists, temporomandibular joints, lumbar, thoracic, cervical spines and sacroiliac joints.

What are the benefits of the RegenokineŽ Program?

The RegenokineŽ Program will help to allow:

1.       More flexibility

2.       More durability

3.       Increased range of motion

4.       Return to functional daily living

5.       Improvement in mechanics hampered by inflammation

What are the main components of the RegenokineŽ Program? 

1.       Treat the root source of the problem, namely the inflammation

2.       Promote core strength, balance, and a strong supporting environment to preserve joint space

3.       Employ anti-inflammatory diet long-term

 Maximum benefit will be reached by following this program.

In the Press: 

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Congratulations to Dr. Schottenstein, named in DEPARTURES Magazine, "Dusseldorf's Revolutionary Back Pain Doctor," article on Regenokine Injection Therapy.

The Body That Heals Itself

Congratulations to Dr. Schottenstein, named in the Men's Journal, "The Body that Heals Itself," article on Regenokine Injection Therapy.

Novel Blood Treatment Lures Athletes to Germany

In this segment on Regenokine Injection Therapy from, The New York Times, the treatment is discussed as well as the successful results athletes have had with the treatment.


Grace Cordovano,PhD
Words simply cannot express my gratitude for all that you and your team have done.The joints that have been treated feel so much better.It's nothing short of a miracle.My mom laughs and smiles again.There's nothing better than watching her play outside with my 2 year old daughter,pull her in a wagon down the street,or listen to them giggling while playing.Thank you for giving my mom a second chance at life.Bo´gzaplac´(May God reward you).
Patrick Chung,Philadelphia Eagles
Everyone here is amazing to be around with.So much positive energy! Thanks for giving me the bounce back to play another season.I feel explosive!
Heather Massie
I truly don't know where I'd be at this point if it weren't for Regenokine.But I do know I'm functioning and living a full life once again.I have hope again.It's not just the procedure but it's your sincerity,empathy and level of care above and beyond all others.You have assembled an amazing team and we wish you continued success and blessings in your careers and personal lives.
Sofia,Grace Goodrich
"We" did it!
You allowed her to walk around campus-and,of course,Ford Hall (science complex) is across the entire campus from the Quad/Monroe House (where she was head resident)!
Alesha Blair
My soccer and fitness training have all GREATLY improved the last three weeks after the Regenokine program.I noticed more knee stability,range of motion and much less swelling.This has translated into more intense,durative,and frequent soccer and fitness trainings that are pain and swelling free!! The byproduct of that has increased my muscular power,agility and cardio vascular fitness.My movements are also more coordinated and fluid now that I do not tend to favor my right leg nearly as much as I used to.
David Miller
At the risk of sounding like a sycophant I wanted to,once again,tell you how powerfully productive your treatment has been for me.I am experiencing at least 85% pain reduction level and feel as though I have "my life back".
Mark Anderson,Buffalo Bills
The best part of this treatment is you can workout right after pain free!